The Easiest Way to Keep Your Pet Clean




Add Water

Lather & Scrub

Towel Dry

Instant Bathing

Rinse Free Mitten

No Rinse Required

Gentle pH balance

Hypoallergenic & fragrance-free

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Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic, Scrubby is helping many Pet Parents at home who need a safe and easy bathing solution for their Pet 

Busy at home with kids and a new schedule? Scrubby is here to offer a bathing alternative that takes just a few minutes, mess free!

No trips to the groomer? Scrubby is here to help keep your Dog or Cat clean any time of day, safely in the comfort of your own home!


The simplest way to clean your pet!

Add water

Get scrubbin'

Dry off!

"This no-rinse bath is incredible!

Just scrub, towel-dry and go! Bath time has been changed forever!"

Pet owners love Scrubby!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

So Many Ways to Use Scrubby!

Bathing Alternative

Do you have a pet at home who is difficult to bathe? Tight on space or got a busy schedule? Scrubby is the perfect solution to keep your pet clean without the hassle or mess between trips to the groomer.

Quick Touch-Ups

Just got back from a walk but too early for bath time? After playing outside, Scrubby comes in handy to clean up those muddy paws in no time! Each sponge can be used a few times for quick touch-ups.

On the Go!

Taking a road-trip or going on vacation? Scrubby is the perfect companion to bring along. With just a few ounces of water, your pet can have a bath on-the-go, always ready for the next adventure!

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